I’m a Professor and the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Risk Management and Regulation in the Department of Economics and Finance, at the University of Guelph. Starting January 2018, I also hold a Research Leadership Chair at the University of Guelph.

My research focuses on asymmetric information in settings where economic agents interact strategically. I am particularly interested in auction theory, contest theory, and contract theory.

Please browse my website for further information about my research. A selection of my publications are listed below.

Selected publications:

“A Unifying Approach to Incentive Compatibility in Moral Hazard Problems”, Theoretical Economics, 12: 25-51, January 2017. [paper]

“Ranking Asymmetric Auctions: Filling the Gap between a Distributional Shift and Stretch”, Games and Economic Behavior, 85: 60-69, May 2014.  [paper]

"A Mechanism Design Approach to Ranking Asymmetric Auctions”, Econometrica, 80 (5): 2349–2364, September 2012. [paper] [online appendix]

“Favoritism in Asymmetric Contests: Head Starts and Handicaps”, Games and Economic Behavior, 76 (1): 226–248, September 2012. [paper] [WP version]

“Asymmetric First Price Auctions”, Journal of Economic Theory, 144 (4): 1617-1635, July 2009. [paper]   [earlier version]

“Buy-out Prices in Auctions: Seller Competition and Multi-Unit Demands” (with Per B. Overgaard), The RAND Journal of Economics, 39 (3): 770–789, Autumn 2008. [paper] [appendix]